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“Thanks to Xelion, our calling history for all employees has directly become organised and transferrable.”
Eric Luteijn – Sellair Publishing

Business telephony

Cloud telephony is now the standard for business telephony across all sectors due to lower running costs and an advance feature set that would not be available via an on premise PBX solution.

By choosing Xelion, businesses get the freedom to change how and when they work to adapt to changes in their own organisation and market. Xelion users have the advantage of having a single tool to bring together all forms of communication to ensure the best possible service.

Xelion makes customer contact simple, from one screen you can see all calls, messages, emails and more. Our desktop application gives all users access to all features for a simple monthly fee. There are no hidden extras or bolt-ons, every feature is included with Xelion as standard. Xelion makes business communications and cloud telephony a more engaging experience for users which is proven by its popularity with customers.

Business Telephony


Working on the move has been made much more simple due to the Xelion Mobile App. Users have access to the corporate address book without any information being saved locally on the device. Calls via the app will present the business rather than the mobile number, if required the calls can also be recorded.
Presence, instant messaging, wall boards and more are all included within the Mobile App which is free for all Xelion users.
Hosted Voice Business Telephony


Easy to use app which separates business and private calls.


Have direct access to your corporate address book without saving any contacts onto your mobile.


Clear reports that show the availability of staff at a glance.

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In recent years, Xelion has become one of the fastest growing hosted telephony platforms of its kind. Due to the high level of flexibility for a fixed amount per month and the power of the Desktop App. Customer referrals make up a large part of growth for our partners who all feedback on future Xelion development.

  • Testimonial
    Piet de Bruin, Lentink Accountancy,

    We thought that the offer Xelion presented to us couldn’t possibly be correct. That Xelion could be so much more affordable and yet offer many more features, was hard to believe at first. However, after the implementation was completed successfully and the system was running flawlessly, everyone was immediately enthusiastic about all the options. We wouldn’t want to work without Xelion anymore.

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