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“Xelion 6 effortlessly grows along with the rapid European expansion of our organisation. New relevant features are constantly added.”
Remco Nollen – Body and Fit

Contact Centre

Customers are becoming more critical and expect to be helped quickly and effectively. Whether you have 200 contact centre agents or three staff in a small office, availability is crucial to your service. Xelion is not only a full-fledged telephony platform, but also offers very extensive functions for the customer service environments. These include the power to change how your calls route and to who depending your operation. This way, Xelion makes having a professional customer contact centre a possible no matter what size your team is.

In addition to being a comprehensive telephony platform, Xelion has the right tools to also meet the specific wishes and requirements of a call centre. Every company with a customer contact centre can easily expand the Xelion configuration with contact centre functionality. For example, agents can easily log in and out of queues from there desk phone, desktop client and even the mobile app. Calls can be recorded, and managers can easily access and listen in on calls for quality improvements. On top of this Xelion has clear and organised wallboards for monitoring incoming and outgoing call traffic and an extensive reporting system. This makes Xelion the contact centre platform of choice no matter what your size, function or industry.

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In recent years, Xelion has grown to become one of the fastest growing hosted telephony platforms of its kind. Due to the high level of flexibility for a fixed amount per month, many small and midsized businesses choose Xelion for the power of the desktop software. Customer referrals about Xelion makes up a good share of growth for our partners. Experiences are shared between customers and Xelion partners and turned in to future released that benefit all Xelion users.

  • Testimonial
    Remco Nollen, Body and Fit,

    Xelion 6 effortlessly grows along with the rapid European expansion of our organisation. New relevant features are constantly added, such as the Wallboard and the integration with our Order Management System. This continuously increases the value of the solution for us. And that is what we want!

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