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“Xelion provides an excellent basis to minimise ICT costs and to further reduce the management tasks within our organisation.”
Rob Bergveld – Cordaan


The healthcare market is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The pace of these changes is putting new demands on healthcare providers. Newcomers in healthcare have proven that smart IT and communication technology is a major contributor in achieving a competitive advantage. Xelion is helping more and more healthcare providers to make the communication with their clients more efficient and simple. With Xelion, the quality of communication will improve while simultaneously saving costs. This goes for primary care, home care, and inpatient care. Xelion ensures better communication in healthcare!

Assistive domotics and healthcare technology are concepts many providers are still trying to understand. Xelion has managed to make it straightforward and simple by making the communication amongst carers and patients its primary concern. This enables the development of efficient operation in which people have direct and targeted contact with each other at the desired moment. Xelion instantly makes other communication systems redundant, precisely because the mobile app makes every smartphone part of the healthcare communications ecosystem. Medical alarms are easily matched with digital schedules. This is not only very effective, but also actually saves lives at crucial moments.

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Healthcare institutions and organisations choose Xelion due to its ease of use and the integration with their specific business operations. Xelion also develops new features in close corporation with existing customers, which allows every new development to benefit all Xelion users.

  • Testimonial
    Rob Bergveld, Cordaan,

    Existing telephony systems are too limited and do not offer the flexibility that we need as a healthcare provider, in order to respond to the rapid changes in our sector. Xelion provides a good basis to minimise ICT costs and to further reduce the management tasks within our organisation. On top of that, our users give the Xelion app an average rating of 8!

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