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Xelion offers a very comprehensive telephony platform in the cloud, offering a wide range of features are standard included in the price. Functions and settings can be easily adjusted or changes through our simple to use desktop and mobile apps. The very popular desktop app is central to the user experience and is favoured by all Xelion customers for its ease of use. Users will have the same experience whether they are a Microsft Windows or Max OSX user along side the mobile app that supports all three core operating systems. Some of the most popular features of Xelion are listed below.


Music On Hold

Play music or a message when someone has to wait or is being transfered.


SMS Text Messages

Use the desktop or mobile app to send SMS text messages in your company's name.



Easily see who is available, on the phone, DND, location and more with the power of presence.


Conference Bridge

Setting up a conference call is easy for anyone who works with the Xelion softphone.


Listening in

Colleagues and supervisors can listen in on a conversation. This can be useful in the training of new employees.


Auto Attendent

Easily put together auto attendants that quickly send incoming calls to the right person or department.


Address Book

An advanced address book in which you can search in different ways. The address book is also available on smartphones.


Hunt Groups

With multiple call routing options, you can ensure callers are answered promptly by a person that can handle the call.



Automatically generated monthly reports on departments and individuals come as standard.



Calls can be recorded automatically and stored to be listened to later.


Exchange integration

Connect Xelion to your Exchange or Office 365 platform for calendar and contact sync.


Mobile app

The app gives you the power of Xelion on the move.

Request a Demo

Looking for carefree telephony and a reduction in cost? Ask for your demonstration today! Discover how employees start working more efficiently and the accessibility of the company increases dramatically.

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